• Q) What is My Film Works? 

    My Film Works is the Online Cinema for Independent Filmmakers from around the World. 

    Filmmakers can now CREATE their own Online Screen via their Profile page on My Film Works. 

    Viewers can now, not only discover, watch and enjoy Independent Films but also support and follow these Filmmakers.   

    Q) What type of Films can I upload and play from my Screen? 

    My Film Works Cinema, is for ALL type of professionally produced Video Content. The Film can be a Feature, Short, Documentary, Music Video, Children's show, Cartoon, Animation, Comedy, Thriller, Financial program, Travel show, Food / Cooking program, TV series, Reality series, showreel, commercial or any other professionally produced film. The list is endless.    

    Q) How can I post my film on My Film Works? 

    To post your film on My Film Works you will need to complete the following steps:

    Step 1

    Sign up as a Director by clicking on the link below. 

    Once you have signed up, you will receive a registration email with a confirmation link. Once you click on this link, your account will be created.

    Step 2

    Once you create your account, you can upload your film and activate your Profile as follows:

    a) Complete your Profile

    Complete your Profile by clicking on the 'Edit' button in 'My Profile' section in the Dashboard and fill the mandatory fields (marked with *) including the field "Your Unique URL". 

    b) Upload your Film

    Upload your film by clicking on 'Add Video' in the 'My Films' section. You can also look at the question "How can I upload my film?" to learn about the detailed steps.

    Q) Do I need to have an ACCOUNT to watch Films? 

    No, you donot need an Account to watch Films. However, some features are available ONLY to Registered users (See 'What are the benefits of Signing up as a Viewer/Director' for details).

    Q) Who should Sign up for a VIEWER account? 

    A user who ONLY wants to Watch Films should Sign up for a Viewer account. 

    Q) Do I need to pay money to Sign up for the Director or Viewer Account? 

    The Sign up is free for the Director / Viewer Account. 

    Q) How can I Sign up for a Viewer Account? 

    A user can Sign up for the Viewer Account as follows:

    i) Sign up using a Social Media Account with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Linked in; or

    ii) Complete the Viewer Sign up form.

    Q) What are the benefits of Signing up as a Viewer? 

    The following features are available to users who have a Viewer Account:

     * Create your Film Watchlist;

     * Rate Films;

     * See the number of views of a Film;

     * Comment on Films and Blogs; and

     * Connect with a Director via Email. 

    Q) Who should Sign up for a DIRECTOR Account?  

    A Film Director, Filmmaker or Film Rights holder (whether an individual or a Company) desirous of CREATING an Online Screen for their Films, should Sign up for the Director Account.

    Q) How can I Sign up for a Director Account? 

    A Director Account can be only be created by completing the Director Sign up form.

    Q) What are the benefits of Signing up for a Director Account? 

    The Director Account opens a world of opportunity starting from the creation of a your Profile PageThis Page with its Unique URL acts as YOUR Screen in the My Film Works Cinema. 

    The Profile Page is like your OWN website. It has the following features and links which can be managed / activated from the Director Dashboard:

     * Create your Unique URL

     * Upload ALL your Films in SD or HD and Screen ALL of them from your Profile Page;

     * Link your Social media accounts i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linked In;

     * Link your IMDB account;

     * Link your Personal Website;

     * Connect via Email with other Director's / Filmmakers on My Film Works;  

     * Promote Project(s) still 'Under Production';

     * Link your Crowd funding campaign(s), if any;

     * Blog;

     * Upload upto 5 Sub-titles for your film and reach a bigger audience worldwide;

     * Create your Film Watchlist;

     * Rate Films;

     * See number of Views of a Film; and

     * Comment on Films and Blogs of other Directors.

    Q) Is there a limit on the number of Films which can be uploaded to a Director Account? 

    My Film Works currently places NO limit on the number of Films that can be uploaded to a Director Account. However, a fair use policy applies.

    Q) What is "My Unique URL"? 

    A Unique URL is required to Screen Films and acts as the Director's Profile Page address on MY FILM WORKS. Without this, Films cannot be screened. Once the URL is created, this CANNOT be changed.                                                       

    Director URL Example : http://www.myfilmworks.com/MFW 

    It is recommended that the Unique URL is the name of the Director. This will ensure that ALL Films from the same Director are Screened from the Profile Page. This also makes it easy for Viewers to search, find and watch the Films of the Director. 

    Q) What is 'My Picks' on the Profile Page and how can I replace these with My selection?  

    My Picks is a Director's selection of 5 Films from other Director's on My Film Works. When a Director Account is Activated, this section will automatically display 5 Films from MFW Picks. This can be personalized with the Director's selection as follows:

    i) Pick any 5 Films from MFW Picks

    Go to the MFW Picks section of the Director Dashboard. This section displays the Films which are currently part of MFW Picks. The Director can pick any 5 Films from this selection; OR

    ii) Pick any 5 Films of your choice  

    To make your Pick, click on Add to My Picks button displayed under each Film. The last 5 selections will automatically appear in the My Picks section on the Director Profile Page.

    Q) How can I personalise my Profile Page? 

    My Film Works has the following features which enable you to personalise your Profile Page. These can be accessed from the Dashboard:

     * Create your Unique Url which is the address of your Screen on My Film Works;

     * Change the color of the Director Strip on your Profile Page to the color of your that represents you. This selection will also change the color of the "dips" in the      various section's on the Page;

     * Upload a 'Profile Picture' to display on the Director Strip;

     * Include your Biography and complete it by uploading a 'Biography Picture'; and

     * Replace the  Films in "My Picks" Strip on your Profile Page with your own selection.

    Q) Why am I not able to access my account even though I have already Registered on the site? 

    The Registration is a 2 step process. Once you have submitted the Sign up form, you will receive a Registration email to Confirm your email address. The Registration email contains a link, which when clicked, will complete the Registration process and allow you access to your account. 

    In case you cannot find this Registration email in your Inbox, check the Spam/Junk folder. We also recommend that that you mark 'My Film Works' as Safe Sender to ensure that future emails are delivered directly, into your Inbox. 

    In case you are unable to find the Registration email or you are still have problems accessing your account please see Contact Us page for assistance.

    Q) Why is my Profile Page not appearing on My Film Works? 

    After the Director has completed the Registration process, the following two steps needs to be taken to activate the Profile Page:

    Step 1 : Complete your Profile

    The Profile needs to be completed by filling all the mandatory fields (marked with *) including the field "Your Unique URL". This can be done by clicking on the 'Edit' button in 'My Profile' section in the Dashboard. 

    Step 2: Upload your first Film

    Upload your first film by clicking on 'Add Video' in the 'My Films' section. This can be accessed from the Director's Dashboard. Once the film has been activated, your Profile will be visible.

    Q) How can I upload my film? 

    You can upload your film as follows:

    i) Click on 'Add Video' in the 'My Films' section of your Dasboard;

    ii) Fill the details of your film, upload the thumbnail (size: 1400x600) and link the Trailer (if any) an click on the 'Submit' button;

    Upon submitting the details of your film, a new page will open from where you will be able upload your film as follows:

    i) Click on 'Browse File' and select the file you would like to upload. You can also upload your film in High Definition (unto a maximum of 1 GB directly from here. For films above 1 GB, please email the link to [email protected] by We Transfer and we will upload it for you;

    ii) After selecting the file, click on 'Upload file' and your film will start uploading. The upload time will depend on your Internet speed and the size of your file. You can monitor the status on the progress bar;

    Please DONOT leave this page till the upload is complete and you have submitted the film as below.

    iii) Once your film has been uploaded, you will see the 'Submit' button appear at the bottom of the page. Please press the 'Submit' button to complete the upload process. 

    You will also receive an email confirming that your film has been submitted.

    Q) I have uploaded my film but I cannot see the film on my Profile Page? 

    Please note that in order for the film to be available on your page, the Profile needs to be complete and the Unique URL created. Please check "Why is my Profile Page not appearing on My Film Works".

    After a film is uploaded on My Film Works goes through a quality check to ensure a high quality and consistent viewer experience.  Upon completion of this check, the film is activated and a notification is sent to the Director. 

    This process does not take longer than 12 hours but in some cases it may take upto 24 hours. 

    If you have completed your Profile and have not received the notification or cannot see the Film on your Profile Page within 24 hours of upload, you can Contact Us.

    Q) Do I have to pay to watch the films? 

    There is NO charge to watch Films on My Film Works.

    Q) Why do I see the Opening title of My Film Works before each film? 

    In order to allow for a richer viewing experience, films are being categorised  into groups called "Genus". Based on the Genus of the film that has been chosen by the Director, the Opening title plays. This allows the viewer(s) to know the Genre of the film they are about to watch.

    Q) What is the correct way to input the 'Duration' of a film? 

    The duration of each film is displayed in minutes and seconds. If the length of the film is 55 minutes and 15 seconds, then, the duration should be input as 55.15 and NOT 55:15, in the "Film Duration" field.

    Q) Can the films be uploaded in High Definition? 

    Yes, films can be uploaded in High Definition. Currently, My Film Works can stream films in 1280 x 720p

    Q) How do I pick the ideal streaming speed to have a uninterrupted film viewing? 

    My Film Works uses the latest streaming technology to deliver a high quality viewer experience. However, this viewing experience is highly dependent on the Internet speed of the viewer. Our player automatically checks the Internet speed and accordingly adjusts the Video quality. 

    In the event, you would like to watch the film in a quality that is higher than your Internet speed would permit, we recommend that you buffer the film sufficiently before you start watching the film to ensure an un-interrupted viewing experience.

    Q) What information do I need to input to link my Social media accounts? 

    My Film Works has already pre-fixed the url's for the Social Media sites to make it easier for the Director's to link their Social Media Accounts. 


    Linking of the Facebook Account 

    If your address on Facebook was http://facebook.com/MyFilmWorks. You will only need to add MyFilmWorks (which is highlighted in Blue) as the URL highlighted in grey, is already being pre-fixed by My Film Works. 

    Linking of the Twitter Account 

    If your address on Twitter was http://twitter.com/MyFilmWorks. You will only need to add MyFilmWorks (which is highlighted in Blue) as the URL highlighted in grey, is already being pre-fixed by My Film Works. 

    Linking of the Linked In Account

    If your address on Facebook was http://www.linkedin.com/in/MyFilmWorks. You will only need to add in/MyFilmWorks (which is highlighted in Blue) as the URL highlighted in grey, is already being pre-fixed by My Film Works. 

    Linking of Google + Account

    The prefix already provided by My Film Works is http://www.plus.google.com/

    Linking of IMDB Account

    The prefix already provided by My Film Works is http://www.imdb.com/name/

    Q) How can I 'Publish" my 'Profile Page'? 

    In order for your "Profile Page" to become live on My Film Works, the check box next to "Published" should to be ticked. By Default, this is automatically set to "Published". To change the status, you can go to your "Dashboard", click on "My Profile", then click "Edit" to change the status to 'Published" by checking the box. You can also un-publish your Profile Page by un-checking this box. 

    Q) What is the recommended Video and Audio format for my Film? 

    My Film Works recommends the following Video and Audio format which is ideal for viewing on the My Film Works player:


    Video Format: Mp4

    Video Bitrate: HD- 3,200 Kbps | SD - 1,600 Kbps

    Video Codec : H.264

    Video Size : HD - 1280 x 720 | SD - 1024 x 576

    Aspect Ratio : 1.78

    Frame rate : 25 frames per second


    Audio Codec: Mpeg4aac

    Audio Bitrate : 128 K

    Sample Rate: 44,100

    Track : 2

    Q) Can i watch My Film Works on my Tablet, Smartphone or Mobile? 

    Yes, you can watch the films on your Apple or Android Tablet / Smartphone. 

    Q) Can I add sub-titles to my film. If so, how many sub-titles can I have? 

    Yes, you can have upto 5 different sub-titles for your film. For example, the film Ta Kei? is a Persian film with 3 sub-titles (English, Tagalog and Arabic). 

    Q) How can I upload the sub-titles for my film? 

    Please send an email to [email protected] with the sub-title file (srt or .txt) as an attachment and the 'Language' of the sub-title along with the 'Name' of the film in the subject field.

    Q) What is the format for the sub-titles? 

    Please see the document for the format.

    Q) How are films rates and what does each rating mean?  

    There are 5 different ratings available for each film. The film director decides on the classification based on the content in their film. This enables the audiences to know about its suitability to them before they start watching the film. The following ratings are available for the director's to choose from:

    G - General audiences - All ages

    PG - Parental guidance suggested - Some Material may not be suitable for Children

    PG - 12 - Parental strongly cautioned - Some material may be inappropriate for Children under 12

    R - Restricted - Under 18 can view with parent / guardian

    NC-18 - No One under 18 should view this film

    Q) My Film file size is above 1 GB. How can i upload it to my account? 

    My Film Works limits the file size for direct upload to 1 GB. You can send us the We Transfer (or similar service) link of your film in an email with the subject 'LARGE FILE' to [email protected]

    Please note that the email should be sent from the same Director email account which is registered with us. Also, please attach a 1400 pixel (W) x 600 pixel (H) high resolution image of the film banner along with this email. Upon receipt, the My Film Works team will upload the film and link it to your account

    Q) I am trying to upload my film but the progress bar shows 0%. How can i check the progress of the film upload? 

    When you upload your film, you can follow the upload progress by checking the BYTES or PERCENTAGE in the progress bar. This will keep changing to reflect the bytes that have been uploaded.

    Please note that the speed of the upload is determined by your internet connection and the file size of your film. Please do not leave this page until 100% of your film has been uploaded. 

    Once this is done, you will see a 'SUBMIT' button appear on the page which you will need to click to complete the upload process

    Q) I am updating my Profile / Uploading my film but all the information i have input disappears when i click on 'I am not a Robot'?

    The site has a Firewall to protect it from malicious content/attack. You may be asked to confirm that you are not a Robot after you have filled/updated the form but before it is uploaded to your account. 

    In the event you have not filled ALL of the mandatory fields any press submit, even if you confirm that you are not a Robot, you will be brought back to the same form/page with all the information removed and you will need to refill the form.

    Therefore, please complete ALL the mandatory fields on any of the forms / Director's Profile page / New Film including providing the images before you submit the form. 

    Q) I am uploading my Film and after pressing the SUBMIT button, I get an error message stating that “Film Synopsis cannot be blank” even though I have entered the Film Synopsis. In addition, the Film Synopsis I entered is not visible. 

    In some cases, due to browser compatibility issues, this problem may arise. This happens when entering the Film Synopsis in the Design mode. We therefore suggest that after you have filled the Film Synopsis, please press on the HTML button at the bottom of the Film Synopsis section (next to Design button) and then click the Design button again. This should fix the problem and you will be able to submit your Film.

    Q) I get an error message on the Image size when I am trying to ‘Add Video’ on the Platform. Why is this?

    Please note that My Film Works requires the Film Thumbnail to be exactly 1400 px (W) x 600 px (H). If there is any size difference, the image will be rejected and you will need to keep re-entering the information till the image size is corrected and all the mandatory fields are properly completed. So, please ensure that you have the thumbnail ready when you are uploading your film. You can use third-party sites to help with creating this thumbnail size like Resize Image or Image Splitter.



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