Community Guidelines

  • Respect the My Film Works Community

    My Film Works community is built on trust. We request all of our users not to abuse the site and breach this trust. Users must be responsible to themselves and other users who come to My Film Works to enjoy the work of others.

    Flagged Video Reviews

    When a video is flagged, our team will review this video to check whether it violates our Terms of Use. These vidoes will not be automatically taken down. However, in the instance that it is removed from the site,, this is to be taken as the first warning. Any further violations of our Terms of Use from the same user will be treated as a serious breach of our guidelines and may result in their account being suspended or deleted.

    In-appropriate Content

    Please note that My Film Works is a site designed for filmmakers who want to share their work with the world. 

    Please ensure that your Content or comments: 

    1)  Does not include films, clips or text which are:
    i)   Political in nature; 
    ii)   Religious in nature and have the potential to hurt religious sentiments of any community; 
    iii)  Adult in nature, sexually explicit or contains Pornography even if it includes yourself in it; 
    iv)  Construed as child exploitation; 
     v)  Racial or degrades any particular religion, community or people from any region; 
    vi)  Bad in nature like animal abuse, drug abuse, or bomb making; 
    vii) Containing graphic or gratuitous violence. If your video shows someone getting hurt, attacked, or humiliated, please donot upload it; 
    viii) Ghastly in nature or has accidents, dead bodies and similar things; 

    2) Respects copyright. Only upload videos that you have made or that you are authorized to use. This means don't upload videos you didn't make, or use content in your videos that someone else owns the copyright to, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programs, or videos made by other users, without the necessary authorizations; 

    3) Does not include hate content (content which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity);

    4) Is construed by others as predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy or as you having revealed their personal information as there is zero tolerance for these kind of actions. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from My Film Works;

    5) Is not spam. Everyone hates spam. Do not create misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails in order to increase views. It's not accepted to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages. 

    These rules are meant to offer a better user experience and any violations of the Terms of Use may result in a warning notification or termination of your account. 

    If your account is terminated you are prohibited from creating any new accounts with any other user names or false names as this may be construed as a criminal offense in certain jurisdictions.


    My Film Works encourages feedback so that the filmmakers can get a sense of what is being said about their work. So, feel free to leave comments, rate videos or share the films you like with your family and friends. Each share will help them be recognized and known around the world.

    You may not like everything you see.

    Some of the content may offend you—if you find that it violates our Terms of Use, then click "Flag as Inappropriate" under the video you're watching to submit it for review by My Film Works staff.

    Welcome to the My Film Works family and thank you for your co-operation and support to our budding Filmmakers.

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    My Film Works Team
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