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    Is the Online Cinema for Independent Filmmakers. A one-of-a-kind worldwide network for creative people from where not only can they promote their work, but also co-operate with other filmmakers from around the globe!

    Currently streaming more than 1,100 titles made by Filmmakers from ~ 50 different countries, the platform screens Feature films, Short films, Music videos, Documentaries and many more professionally produced films without any genre restrictions.

    Independent Filmmakers

    Filmmakers bring their films to life with passion, hard-work and immense enthusiasm and can sign up for FREE to CREATE their SCREEN from where they can share ALL their work.


    Our Vision is to help Independent Filmmakers get recognized, reach global audiences while also having an opportunity to monetize their films

    What does this mean?

    The platform provides each Filmmaker with an online Cinema Screen, which can feature all their films while also enabling the viewers to discover, watch, enjoy, follow and support these talented filmmakers.

    In addition, Filmmakers can connect their social media accounts including IMDB and most importantly, link any funding campaigns to their My Film Works page. There is also has an awesome feature wherein a Filmmaker can add up to 5 sub-titles for each of their films, thereby expanding its reach and potential audience.



    My Film Works actively engages on social media with its ~ 225,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter and ~ 12,000 connections with Filmmakers/ People working in the Film & Television Industry. We use this reach to assist Filmmakers on our platform to access this rich and diverse audience while also promoting films on our Social Media pages at no cost to the Filmmaker. You can see the promotions by visiting our Facebook page 


    My Film Works has some great partnerships with film festivals, webzines and brands around the world. Our multi-year partnerships have allowed our partners to reach more Filmmakers and viewers around the world thereby resulting in increased reach and submissions.  You can find more details by visiting our Partnership page.

    Content Distribution

    My Film Works regularly approaches amongst others, Television channels, Telecom service providers to License content thereby opening a new revenue opportunity for Filmmakers.

    Production / Funding

    Our aim is to connect Filmmakers and commercial brands with the idea to get brands to fund the Filmmakers upcoming films or get Filmmakers to make content for the brand for their new marketing campaigns. A win for both!

    If you’re a filmmaker, come Join the Evolution and start screening your films now! If you’re a film viewer, Watch it anytime!

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